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Azolla species

"There are approximately 70 species, subspecies, varieties, forms, and cultivars in this genus."

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Azolla caroliniana Frond detail  Azolla caroliniana Native to the Americas.  "Of commercial importance in cultivation in Asia as a bio-fertilizer, valued for its nitrogen-fixing ability, [..] harvested fronds are also used as a food for fish and poultry."
Azolla filiculoides
(with duckweed)
Azolla filiculoides  (Azolla Water-fern)
"for use as green manure"
"species most commonly found in Hawai`i"
Azolla japonica Bronze,Elegance,Beauty,subtle,denticulate,Growth,Backgrounds,Gris,Marron,Détail,Close-up,Pattern,Water Plant,Japan,Fern,Azolla,Camellia,Water,organic background,Asia,Flower,Leaf,Construction Frame,Organization,Structure,Botany  
Azolla mexicana "often mixed in with duckweed."
Azolla microphylla 2007jan20_011 2007jan20_004
(with filiculoides)
"a natural source of protein, as a main component in food for tilapia"
In one study of Azolla species, "gave highest biomass production and relative growth rate."
Azolla nilotica no pictures found online reportedly very large fronds
Azolla pinnata "Azolla pinnata has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia as a fertilizer in rice production."
Has a huge native range, all the way from Africa to Japan and Australia.