Ahualoa Egg Farm (2006-2009)

   No longer an egg farm, but this page remains.

For three years, my family farm sold delicious, super-fresh, local, organically-fed, free-range eggs in the neighborhood of Ahualoa, Hawai'i.  We were the only egg farm in Hawai'i giving our hens organic feed!  They had acres of land to graze on every day, and lots of love and petting.  They were the happiest, healthiest chickens you can imagine.

Our primary flock began with 45 hens, hatched on Valentine's day 2006, a variety of breeds including Buff Orpington, Black Australorp, Silver-laced Wyandotte, Barred Rock, White Rock, some hybrids and several others, all laying large brown eggs.  As of Summer 2009, things were winding down, we had some hens left but they went mostly go to friends, neighbors, and farm visitors.

I learned a great deal in the course of our egg farm, most of which is in the notes on How to Feed a Chicken in Hawaii.

For more about the tea and egg farm, see the old farm blog.

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YouTube videos:

ear of corn sunflower coconut
Devouring an ear of corn and a sunflower and a coconut