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chicks & hens love warmth

Blink. Did you catch the baby chicks growing? I did. They are no longer the mini puffpalls that arrived in the mail on Monday.

I see the beginnings of mini tail feathers on the baby australorps. Their primary wing feathers are growing longer daily. The baby cochins wings do not look any different than day 1.

I blanketed the chick condo with couple inches of triple screened pine shavings. I turned 37 today; oooo, my lower back feels creaky in spite of Friday yoga class. Changing chick’s paper litter twice in one week was too much for my lower back. Ben isn’t here to take care of diaper duty. It’s up to me and I’m taking it easy on my back.

I was lucky to capture two videos of chick & hen basking in the warmth of the brooder and the sunshine. My heart just melts when I see them so relaxed.

Did you catch the “beak smacking” towards then end of the video? They seem content when they do the “beak smacking.”

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