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Fava Beans – no luck

We’re trying to find any alternative to importing chicken feed from the mainland. Mainly, i’m trying to find anything i can grow here in Ahualoa that can be fed to chickens!
Besides sunflowers, my other experimental crop this year was fava beans. I had found some online reference saying that in some places, they are grown as chicken feed. And, supposedly, the climate here (wet, and never gets too hot) would be OK. So, back on May 25, i planted a 9m row of favas along the edge of the lower garden. On June 10, i planted a second row of 5m along the upper garden.

They didn’t do too well :( They grew slowly, got blown over often by the wind, were attacked repeatedly by aphids, and often died back (then shot up new shoots from their base). Here’s a picture of the lower row, today, and a closeup of the healthiest plants:

Even at 3 months old, they are not showing any signs of producing beans. They appear to be using their energy just to stay alive. The tallest are barely 3′ high. The row in the upper garden did even worse:

Today i sadly put the upper row out of its misery by pulling it up for compost.

Considering that we grow all sorts of other vegetables here very well (chard, kale, cabbages, lettuce, string beans, soybeans, corn, carrots, beets, much more) there must be something about the fava beans that just wasn’t happy. Alas.

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