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Tea, rain, and recent farm tours

As those of you following on facebook or twitter may know, we sold out of our second harvest of tea in early November.  I can see from the happy growing tea plants that it’s time to harvest again, but the weather has been very rainy for a couple weeks now.  The tea loves the rain, but we’re waiting for a sunny day which is important to the harvest process of picking and sun-withering.

Meanwhile, there have been several recent farm tours, including neighbors, a large group of mothers with their toddlers and babies from Waikoloa, and a couple guys with Kanu Hawaii from Oahu:

really loved the organic farm tour ben and jacoby gave today ... on Twitpic

On October 31, there was the big tour from the Hamakua Sustainable Agriculture Classes, pictures from that event (some by Nicole):

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  1. Olin Lagon Says:

    Mahalo for the tour Ben! Extremely impressed with your operations and energy.

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