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The family farm is in Ahualoa.  My family grows our own food, had chickens for eggs, and began a field of tea in 2006, with the first harvest in the summer of 2009.  The tea field covers less than half an acre, at 2500' elevation.

Our methods are completely sustainable - no fertilizers, no pesticides or herbicides. Ben makes large amounts of compost from all local sources - macnut husks, manure from the chickens, grass trimmings, shredded shrubbery, biochar made on-site.  Along with crushed rock, this is the only input the tea receives.  Everything else is sunlight and our abundant rainfall.

At this elevation on the wet side of the Big Island of Hawaii, conditions are nearly perfect for growing tea.  The elevation causes the tea to grow a little slower and develop more flavor.  The cool misty tradewinds keep the tea happy, as it is a moisture-loving plant.  The field is surrounded by giant bamboo, white ginger, a jacaranda, cypress and sugi trees.  There are three koa trees inside the field, casting gentle shade.

You can read the whole history of the tea field in the tea pages of our blog, and there are many picture in the photo albums Tea 2007, Tea 2008, Tea 2009, and Tea 2010.


planting the first rows

field mulching with ginger

baby tea growing in pots

branches harvested for

propagating by cuttings

cuttings growing in a misty shade tent

young tea in the field

summer 2009: larger plants

the first harvest

and first processed tea

the field after a pruning

natural sun-withering


resting between rolls

finished tea